Offered by Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet
P.O. Box 10529
Daytona Beach, fl 32120

Standard Central Listing Agreement

Benefits of a Central Listing Agreement:  One-call accountability for the sale of your boat, relieves you of having to deal directly with multiple buyers and brokers, and the opportunity to have your boat included in our publications advertising campaign.  Optional Open Listing Agreement.

Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet is hereby authorized as the manager of the sale of my vessel (as described below) on a Central Listing basis as follows:

Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet will prepare information describing the Vessel and will distribute this information to other yacht brokerage firms whom they judge are best qualified to present this Yacht and negotiate its sale.  Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet will supply them with the available information, plan, photos, etc.

Ruby Yachts shall make all arrangements for sublisted brokers to show the Vessel, and will receive all offers for screening and transmittal to you, the Owner/Agent.

The Owner/Agent authorizes advertising of the Vessel, and agrees to refer inquiries he may receive directly to Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet.

It is specifically understood and agreed that Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet does not assume and is not delegated care, custody or control of the Vessel by reason of this Agreement.  In the event the Vessel is stored at Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet’s premises, Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet is not responsible for damages, loss or theft of any kind to the Vessel or her gear or equipment.  Owner shall carry his own marine insurance (Hull and Liability) and provide Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet upon request with a copy of said policies.  Owner shall be solely responsible for all transport, storage and marine handling charges, if applicable, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

The Commission Rate payable to Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet is 10% of the Selling Price, with a minimum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).  When a Broker, other than Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet, successfully completes the sale, that Broker will receive 60% of the gross commission, with Ruby Yachts//YachtWorldNet receiving the remaining 40%.  If the Vessel is sold or traded privately, or donated, Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet is to receive 40% of the above Commisison Rate (4%).

This Agreement shall remain in effect for a minimum of 180 days from this            Day of                                                              and will renew automatically unless canceled.  Cancellation must be in writing, by either Seller or Ruby Yachts/YachtWorldNet, and will be effective 30 days after receipt.


Vessel Name and Description: ____________________________________________

Hull ID Number: ____________________________________________

Gross Asking Price: ____________________________________________

Vessel Location: ____________________________________________

Vessel Registration: ____________________________________________

Owner’s Name: ____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________________


Owner/Agent Signature                                                      Date

Printed Owner/Agent Name

Ruby Yachts Broker Signature                                            Date

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